Olive Tree

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Olive trees (Olea europaea) are found in the Mediterranean basin from Spain and Portugal to the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula and as far east as China. Their gnarled trunks bring a sense of age and maturity to a garden and they undoubtedly provide romance and atmosphere, transporting you to warmer surroundings. Our olive specimens are of the highest quality and are rigorously health checked by the Spanish authority: Generalitat Valenciana (ES-17-12/1055) in advance of their journey to the UK.

Olive trees can produce decorative black or green fruit in milder summers (not edible in this climate). They are also drought tolerant. More information can be found here.

This olive is photographed and sold individually – the one you see is the one you get: this upright tree splits three ways from the trunk and is nearly 2m in height (size given below).


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196cm H x 136cm W