Logs, Coal and Compost

Flower Pot Nursery carry a wide range of composts, as well as coals and logs for fireplaces. All of the following are available:


Ericacious Compost...

is a specially formulated compost suitable for lime hating plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias and Heathers. It is ideally suited for potting and re-potting, for outdoor planting and for use in containers and tubs.

Garden Top Soil...

is a fertile loam based soil with a high content of organic matter, specially selected for use in the garden. It is ideal for making or building up raised beds where existing soil is poor or for replacing soil that is tired and unsuitable for replanting. Evergreen Top Soil is rich in organic matter, adds volume to beds and conditions soil.

John Innes No. 1...

is ideal for pricking out or potting-up young seedlings or rooted cuttings. This compost has a carefully balanced nutrient content to suit most young plants and allowing them to grow. The perfect choice for a young garden to make it thrive.

Multi Purpose Compost...

with added John Innes contains a perfect blend of carefully selected soil, sphagnum moss peat and John Innes to provide an ideal multi-purpose loam-based compost. The John Innes fertiliser increases water and nutrient retention and is ideal for bedding plants, pot plants and shrubs.

Potting Pro Mix...

is a specially formulated compost designed for professional growers. It has a flowable, uniformed structure that ensures consistently good results. Made from a blend of peat that provides a medium/coarse structure, combined with the Evergreen slow-release fertiliser pack, it is an ideal choice for the professional grower.

John Innes No. 2...

Struclhis ideal for general potting of most house plants and vegetable plants into medium size pots or boxes. It contains double the amount of nutrients found in John Innes no. 1 to suit established plants. The perfect everyday compost encouraging nourishment and support.

Strulch Mulch...

Strulch ® is a light and easy to use garden mulch made from wheat straw for organic gardening. A patented process developed by Dr Geoff Whiteley at The University of Leeds, is used to ‘preserve’ the straw so that it lasts for up to two years and gives an earthy brown colour. Strulch has a neutral pH and can be used throughout the garden on borders, raised beds, around cultivated fruit and on vegetable plots.

The Westland Growbag...

is a versatile planting bag to use anywhere from a windowsill to your greenhouse. It is ideal for growing flowers as well as fruit and vegetables. The growbag contains a specially formulated compost which is rich in potash. This therefore helps to produce an abundance of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Compost (bagged)

Ericacious Compost (40 litres)
Garden Top Soil (25 litres)
John Innes No. 1 (25 litres)
John Innes No. 2 (25 litres)
Multi-Purpose Compost (60 litres)
Potting Pro Mix (75 litres)
Rose, Tree and Shrub (60 Litres)
Strulch Garden Mulch (9kgs)


Large lump (25kgs)
House coal (20kgs)
Smokeless (20kgs)

Kiln-dried Hardwood Logs

  • 100% grown in Britain
  • FSC certified
  • Easy to light and long lasting
  • High heat output
  • Ideal for stoves, cookers, open fires, chimineas and fire pits
kild dried logs